About Nick Smith - Freelance Camera Operator/Editor


Nick has worked in broadcasting since 1999, starting in regional Australia as a production assistant. He began working as an EFP camera operator, working on small commercial projects. After moving to Cairns in Far North Queensland, he found his passion working in news and current affairs.

During this time, he learnt the ins and outs of remote location shooting, editing & transmission of news items; along with being trained as a helicopter based FLIR camera operator, even winning an Australian Cinematography Society award for his FLIR work, as part of a team of operators covering a chase through the streets of the Gold Coast.

After working in news in Australia for eight years, and self-learning Final Cut Pro, he moved to London to work as a freelancer for any network that was in need of shooter/editors. Finding FCP shooter/editors in short supply, he was able to be regularly hired by many international organisations, and has remained in demand ever since.

With the acquisition of a Sony PMW-F5 Camera in 2016, he is now able to fulfil higher-end productions, as well as regular news and current affairs work in and around Europe.

Holding dual Australian & Irish citizenship, he is able to work unrestricted throughout Europe and many South-East Asian countries. He has been trained in Hostile Environment Awareness and first aid, and has spent long periods of time in Iraq during the US troop departure in 2011.

Other interests

Nick is also a keen Ice Hockey player, and an avid Ice Skating & Skiing enthusiast. He's also had a lifelong interest in Video Games, and is looking to bring his skills to work in broadcasting eSports to the world.

He also has an interest in coding and designing websites & web applications. (This website was hand-coded by him using Bootstrap) Examples of his attempts can be found via the Codepen.io link at the end of this page.